( Edmund Husserl - Die Frage nach dem Ursprulng der Geometrie )

                                                      Linearity and Potential - Parameter, Paradigm, Iteration and Proliferation

                                            Volatility and Flexibility, Interdependence, Risk Assessment and Predictive Thinking


'Thank you,' said Mr Wonka. 'I shall now tell you how this amazing television set of mine works. But first of all, do you know how ordinary television works? It is very simple. At one end, where the picture is being taken, you have a large cine camera and you start photographing something. The photographs are then split up into millions of tiny little pieces which are so small that you can't see them, and these little pieces are shot out into the sky by electricity. In the sky, they go whizzing around all over the place until suddenly they hit the antenna on the roof of somebody's house. They then go flashing down the wire that leads right into the back of the television set, and in there they get jiggled and joggled around until at last every single one of those millions of tiny pieces is fitted back into its right place (just like a jigsaw puzzle), and presto! — the photograph appears on the screen . . .'


The very first time I saw ordinary television working, I was struck by a tremendous idea. "Look here!" I shouted. "If these people can break up a photograph into millions of pieces and send the pieces whizzing through the air and then put them together again at the other end, why can't I do the same thing with a bar of chocolate? Why can't I send a real bar of chocolate whizzing through the air in tiny pieces and then put the pieces together at the other end, all ready to be eaten?"'

From Roald Dahl “ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory “

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                               Television as a frontrunner of 3-D Printing? Regress in Progress. Take care of the immanent risks!