We don’t live in Newton’s clockwork universe anymore — we live in a banana peel universe, and we won’t ever be able to know everything, or control everything, or predict everything “ Emily Levine

But we can try Ms. Levine, and we have to do so. Though it`s very complicated, but as Camus has told us at the end of “ The Myth of Sisyphus “ ( "The struggle itself [...] is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy" ). Absurdity is a challenge not an obstacle. We have to live with “ Vergänglichkeit “ ( something like transience ) and “ relatives Sein in der Zeit“ ( something like relative being in  time ( im Laufe der Zeit ) ) in connection with others and “ sich verändernden Lebenswelten “ ( something like changing environment in universal time ). Not like an automat but as a noetic being that can determine and shape it`s presence and future as a community and an individual. What ever it takes? - well considered and harmonized.