Do you know who you are? Is it ore the KlimmBimm around you or your own personality?

                                                                                       von Hans-Dieter Rüppel


“ For Spacemen of the sixties, the poison of choice wasn`t alcohol but drugs. In the early years of the decade, NASA commissioned two researchers to design a human best adopted to space-who lived in “space qua natura”. Their model being, astoundingly, could breath without lungs and space walk without suits.

To desbribe this new human, the researchers invented the term “cyborg”.

Essential to their vision were exegenous devices: fuel cells that replaced the lungs, intrevenous feeding tubes, pressure pumps injecting pharmacological cocktails to keep radiation and high blood pressure at bay. When functioning effectively, this cybernetic system would be so integrated into the user as to operate “ undconsciously”.

Tyler Coburn “ Ergonomic Futures “ found in Diaphanes Art-Fiction-Discourse



                                                            The Human Epoch Alberto Seveso

WhattsApplesYou T(o)u_be with you Headset in you Smartphone driving with your Tesla to the PowerStation? Are you crazy of or from DeviceStimulantia. The new mass is crowded in the cloud. That´s it! The recommendation: Pull the plug, and reconsider whattsyou(wo)men.E.g. pumping the brain with psychology and philosophy. For Example:

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