Excerpts from Euroactive 07.04.2017 http://www.euractiv.com/section/central-europe/news/meps-demand-action-against-hungary-after-law-targets-soros/?nl_ref=34982407

A group representing a majority of European Union lawmakers said on Wednesday (5 April) that they want the Parliament to start disciplinary proceedings against Hungary after a crackdown on foreign universities by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. “

“ Also on Wednesday, Orbán’s Fidesz party said it would present a bill to parliament this week that requires NGOs with a yearly foreign income of 7.2 million forints ($25,000) to register with the government.

“Support from unknown foreign sources could allow foreign interest groups to pursue their own interests via the influence of these (NGOs) in Hungary … which threatens the country’s political and economic interests,” the bill says.

NGOs, many of whom receive grants from Soros’ Open Society Foundation, often advocate on behalf of refugees, clash with Orbán and other Eastern European leaders who contend that migration is an existential threat. “


Timeo Danaos et Dona  ferentes. Is donation partially or even more often a poisened gift?

Hans-Dieter Rüppel 07.04.2017

                                                                                                    Peter von Matt Intrige

Instead of feeling supported the government of Hungary mistrust the gift and takes action against persumed subversion. May be it is right. To give money for free means very often: You have to accept more as you have got. In that way “ philanthropy is teleological integrated in a strategy for safer and better investment returns not tantamount with it`s superficial meaning. In that sense the destination route of money spending by billionaires doesn`t fit doesn`t meet the needs and expectations of the presentees.

An answer to that question you won´t find in the report you can download behind: https://www.lead.ngo/fileadmin/lead/Ideas/Studies/Die_Haltung_entscheidet/LEAD-Research_Series_-_Beyond_Easy_Answers.pdf . It´s the other side of the equation. Knowledge for the common good of business.

More on “ special education “ e.g.: https://www.stiftung-mercator.de/de/projekt/lead-academy/