Educators do all in their power to prepare you to enjoy reading after college. It is right that you should read according to your temperament, occupations, hobbies, and vocations. But it is a sign of great inner insecurity to be hostile to the unfamiliar, unwilling to explore the unfamiliar.”

“In science, we respect the research worker. In literature, we should not always read the books blessed by the majority. This trend is reflected in such absurd announcements as “the death of the novel,” “the last of the romantics,” “the last of the Bohemians,” when we know that these are continuous trends which evolve and merely change form. The suppression of inner patterns in favor of patterns created by society is dangerous to us. Artistic revolt, innovation, experiment should not be met with hostility. They may disturb an established order or an artificial conventionality, but they may rescue us from death in life, from robot life, from boredom, from loss of the self, from enslavement.

Anais Nin Quelle:

                  Agamben DEr Mensch ohne Inhalt  Metzinger The Ego Tunnel  Nancy, singulär plural sein  Buber ich und du

Erst das Ich und dann die Anderen? Das Ich durch die Anderen? Dekonstruktion des konstruierten Ichs als Weg zum Anderen und geistige Rekreation aus dem Punkt Null zur Mitgestaltung einer Welt der  MiteinAnderIndividuen?

Beispiel Hermann Hesse: